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Our Services

  • Community Social Responsibility
  • Web-designing, Domain Name registration and Web-hosting
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Social Networking/ Online Marketing and Branding
  • Audio, Video shooting/ Editing
  • Computer Training (Mobile and in-house training)
  • IT Consultancy and Security
  • Computer Networking & Administration
  • Physical & Electronic Records Management
  • Database designing and development
  • 40+/ Youth/ Community IT/ Computer Training
  • Real Estate/ Online Tool

Contact Us

Munyonyo Cape Road,
Buziga OR
Plot 244, Muyenga Hill Road,
Kampala - Uganda (East Africa)
Mobile: +256-772-870-955,
Office:  +256-393-215-108,

Welcome to (AWS)

  • We offer web solutions. The main objects of the web site design, web design, web development and search engine optimization. We strive to clean design, and ease of use factor in the website development. Adapt the existing system during the web development. We carried out the development projects we have in mind the rules of on-site search engine optimization, thus better reflecting the Web site. Contact Us today Tel: +256772870955, Email: OR
  • AWS is also interested in the well being of the community we are based in, thats why in whatever we do, we ensure to support the community through the contributing to the self development of the youths. To achieve this, we founded the Final Hope Foundation as a community based NGO with its sole interest to support the community at large.
  • We achieve this by offering ICT training to all the youths in our community, and we specifically offer web based training in aspects like web designing, web hosting, website development, Internet research skills, e-mail usage, computer literacy, Office applications,etc and this is done with the help of the most suitable and modern CMS softwares like Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, etc in turn, this will help them to create their own jobs and also teach their friends, siblings and also be computer literate. AWS shall also help to further their education in other diverse programs.
  • That said, at AWS we ensure that for every project that we are paid for by our clients, we allocate a certain percentage of it to the Final Hope Foundation activities. Therefore for every work/project that you entrust us to do for you, you are actually supporting and contributing to the community and cause of the Final Hope Foundation. Hence for all those who wish to donate directly to our community, you can do so through our NGO Website. We shall be most grateful and appreciative. God bless you
  • We develop/ design custom websites that offer deeper and more engaging user experiences. Since we are moving to rich internet applications that handle everything from document handling to email to shopping experiences. our Rich Internet/ Web Applications are targeted specifically to everyone on planet earth.
  • We provide managed hosting and small business communications services. We're more than a web host. We manage your entire online presence so you don't have to. 
    Affordable, powerful and secure website and email hosting for individuals and organisations. We have different packages to suit the size and needs of your organisation and website. We help you find and register the right domain for your business/ Organization.
  • We develop custom web applications that offer deeper and more engaging user experiences. The future of desktop computing is now moving to rich internet applications that handle everything from document handling to email to shopping experiences. Our Rich Internet/ Web Applications are targeted specifically to everyone on planet earth. Using tools such as AJAX, Flash and DHTML, we build elegant and visually immersive applications bespoke to your varied needs.
  • As a small business, AWS understands the demands of a small to medium business. Quite frankly, the web site, email, and SPAM is probably the last thing on your list of items to do for today. So, hand it over. Off load your online communications into our capable hands. We will discuss your requirements for web site design and maintenance, Microsoft Outlook email, and online collaboration services provided by Microsoft's SharePoint.
  • Our business model is simple - We provide the latest big company communication technology and package it for the small business owner. No more hiring some IT guy from anywhere to setup your email, web site, and collaboration. Alexa Web-Solutions is here for you!

Our Work/ Portfolio

Developers at Alexa Web-Solutions

Mr. Ssegujja Alex Walter

CEO & Founder at Alexa Web-Solutions, Technology Director at Kepler Space Institute, Online Professional Journal Technology - KSI, Member of Space Settlement Board, advisory board - Lifeboat Foundation here:, UFO Researcher, former Software Engineer at and Drupal developer at Mountbatten Ltd. Highly skilled in designing and developing large-scale systems and applications, Archive/ records management, IT Security, Database development/ Management, Drupal, Php, Web developer.

Mr. Ssemaganda Precely

Project Manager at Alexa Web Solutions
Drupal Developer, with 5 years experience in Web Producer, theme creator (for blogs and websites ) , SEO expert.